Twitch Panels Mega Bundle

Thanks for downloading our Twitch Panels Mega Bundle!

Here's a tutorial on how to set them up.

Adding Panels to Twitch Channel

  1. Log in to your Twitch account
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top-right side of the screen and go to "Channel"
  3. Click the "About" button under the channel name
  4. Click on "Edit Panels" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Press the + window and choose "Add a Text or Image Panel"
  6. Press "Add Image", choose the panel you want to upload, and press "Done"
  7. Then add a description text and URL (if needed) to the other fields
  8. That's it! Your panel is up and running :)

Customizing Panels

In case you want to resize your panels, change the text or colors we've included a handy .PSD file for each type of panel design.

1. Double click on a text layer that you want to change and that's it - now you can edit all text properties (font, size, color, and so on)

2. Choose a Move tool if you want to change the position of your text

3. Go to the Adjustments sections and choose Hue/Saturation if you want to change the colors of your panel

4. Drag and drop this layer between the panel and text layer that you want to change
You can drop it on top of all layers if you want to change everything at once

5. Go to File > Export > Export As... when all changes are ready to save

6. Choose the resolution you need, locate the save folder, and press Export